Playa del Carmen


Vacation rental Villa in PlayaCar

Classical design, contemporary features and attention to detail went into this impressive vacation villa. La villa is only abut one year old, though it has an elegant feel of years long past.

Located in the exclusive Playacar area just south of Playa del Carmen, La villa is just 150 yards from a beautiful sandy beach that goes on, and on, and on . . . The beach pictured at left is just a minute's walk or a 30-second gallop away. It's a quiet area, so you almost have it to yourself. Or stroll down the beach if you're looking for more action or if you're in the mood for a silly drink or a cold cerveza.

In Playa del Carmen (click here for map) 40 minutes south from Cancun on highway 307. Two short streets off the ocean on the far end of the residential area.

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